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Make You Money

We recognize that every Investment Property is unique. From cash flow analysis to assessing capitalization rates and return on investment to tenant relations and property staging; there are many critical factors that impact the success of an investment property. You can jeopardize your bottom line without expert representation.  Minimize your risk by benefiting from our proven track record of successful investment property management.

We’ll perform a FREE market analysis of your property, and lend our expertise to help you with the following: 

  • Buy a foreclosed property
  • Identify short sale opportunities
  • Help you locate financing on your investment property
  • 1031 Tax-deferred exchanges
  • Determine market rental rates       

Identify and evaluate investment property opportunities.

We bring to you extensive experience with all types of residential properties including single- and multi-family residences; attached and detached; condos and townhomes. We will evaluate investment property opportunities that meet your investment and/or income goals, and handle readying the property for market, regardless of whether you decide to re-sell or lease.

Mike Hooper, our owner, owns multiple profitable investment properties and is a Certified Financial Planner®, resulting in an exceptional ability to assist with the following:

  • Cash flow analysis
  • Assessment of capitalization rates
  • Projected return on investment


Not sure whether to rent or sell your investment property?

Rent the Bay property management market experts will evaluate market conditions and property values to help you decide, then facilitate the sale or lease.

Property Staging, Readying for Market & Ongoing Maintenance.

Three factors combine to result in maximum return on your investment dollars:

1) Hands-on knowledge of what renters want and value – no unnecessary remodel or upgrading charges that won’t result in a commensurate payoff.

2) Experienced and trusted network of skilled subcontractors and suppliers – quality construction at a reasonable cost.

3) History of rehabbing numerous properties – efficient and realistic estimates of time and cost.

Our dependable staff is also available for on-site repairs and general maintenance; 24/7 availability for emergency repairs; ongoing maintenance or property to include landscape maintenance. We also keep on eye on the property, check in with the tenant and ensure the property isn’t incurring abnormal wear & tear.

Market The Property.

– Rent the Bay spends thousands of dollars every month on advertising our vacancies. We employ a ‘cover all bases’ strategy combining multiple internet advertising channels, social media strategies, signage and incentivized referral sources.  Our ads are individually designed for each property to create a professional look and highlight the special features of your property.

Our proprietary property showcase website is a prime source. It is optimized to feed us hundreds of calls weekly from prospective tenants allowing us to lease properties much faster than our competitors.

– You won’t find another management company that is more available to show properties. We have staff available to respond to inquiries immediate and to show your home on the weekends, holidays, and evening hours – when renters are available to look!

Tenant Relations.

Screen and acquire tenants – Solicit, acquire and stringently screen all prospective renters and tenants via:

-credit reports                        -references                            -criminal background checks

-rental history                        -employment record

Tenant Management.

  • State-of-the-art on-line billing and recordkeeping system ensures timely rent notification and collection
  • Collect first month’s rent, adequate security deposits
  • Bill and collect monthly rents during the entire term of the lease
  • Process evictions, as needed, at cost of legal services

Owner Reporting.

  • Provide monthly itemized statements (includes all rent collected plus costs/receipts for maintenance
  • Develop annual statement for tax purposes, 1099s
  • Preparation of all documents for legal and binding leases as prepared by a Florida attorney
  • Keep track of tenant occupancy through move in/move out reports
  • Section 8 expertise

Management Fees

Best of all, our competitive management fees make the cost of real estate investments more affordable than you think. Our fee structure is based on a percentage of the monthly gross rent.

Monthly Property Management Fee:

10% of Gross Monthly rent collected

Leasing Fee:

75% of the first full month’s rent collected for securing each tenant.

Call or email us about different rate options for multiple units, commercial buildings or
apartment buildings: