Need a Property Management Referral Company,  but Concerned that Your Property Management Referrals Will Never Come Back to You?

We Respect You. Like most Realtors, you spend a large amount of your time and resources gaining new client relationships. You know that if you provide excellent service to your clients, they often generate repeat business and referrals. You are careful with who you refer them to for financing, title, and home warranties, because the way those businesses treat your clients reflects on you. Successful Realtors provide excellent referral resources for their clients. Property management is no different. We view our relationship with you as a true partnership, give and take, a win-win-win for us, for you and for your clients.

Our Specialty. Our primary business is Property Management and rental services.  We recognize that your specialty and expertise is real estate sales. While we offer brokerage services for some of our long-time clients, we guarantee that your clients will be referred back to you for any sales inquiries, listings, or purchases. In fact, we’ll even freely give you our opinion on future investment properties you plan on purchasing for any of your clients. Why? Because if you refer those properties to us for management, we would like to be part of the profitable investment your client is making, and it all starts with wise purchasing decisions.

Advantages for Your Client.  Ease of mind that comes from being able to trust expensive assets to Tampa Bay property management experts who have bought, sold, rented and managed numerous properties in the area. Anyone can say they will manage property, but will they really quickly find and keep qualified tenants, regularly inspect the property, maintain the asset, and follow all landlord and real estate laws?

The ease of mind that comes from knowing up front what the management fees will be. No one likes to be nickel-and-dimed, so we don’t do it. Our competitors often have hidden charges for anything from setup fees, fees for putting a sign in the yard, fuel surcharges, maintenance mark-up, key fees (in addition to actual re-key costs), admin fees to deal with homeowner’s associations, direct deposit fees, utility turn-on and turn-off fees, etc. All these, and many others are included in our simple and clear fee structure. The ease of mind that comes from knowing the rent will be deposited in the landlord’s bank account every month.

Getting Started. Because we’re small and local, you’ll find that working with Rent the Bay is a very pleasant experience. Our responsive, experienced staff will always treat you and your clients with the utmost respect. Your clients will thank you for the referral, and stick with you, and us!

Client not able to lower their price and not willing to do a short sale?  

Let Rent the Bay find the right tenant that will buy your client the time to wait for the market to rebound.

Working with an investor and want objective insight on investment property potential?

While preserving and honoring your relationship with your client, we’ll provide the market expertise and make the process easy – for you and your client.

Generous Compensation. Rent the Bay recognizes that you are giving up a sales commission when your client decides to lease instead. We’ll make it worth your while because we’re invested in a long-term relationship with you and your clients.